Breezer Alps Meeting

July 2014

In 2014 we had  a guided and organized Breezer Tour in the Alps again. Instead of the meeting in Muehldorf, as previously, this time it took place at the airbase Landsberg am Lech.

The airfield is usualy used for military purposes, but we were welcome with open arms. In the evening we started the mutual event after a joint briefing at the Officers' Mess. The Bundeswehr offered us catering and accommodation directly at the airbase.

On Saturday we headed out together towards Austria and had overwhelming views on the Alps.

Breezer Tour to Monaco GP

May 2014

This year the Airventure Tour took us to the in the Principality of Monaco. The second smallest country in the world is located directly on the Mediterranean coast – framed by France – right on the border to Italy. The small Alpine country offered a lot more than just the world famous "Monaco Grand Prix" and all participants could look forward to exciting down south.

Breezer France Tour

September 2013


Just like any tour at Breezer, we start out in small, guided groups at a fixed meeting point. For our tour of France, we chose the airfield Saarlouis, from where we started our first tour through France at the beginning of September 2013. Led by our French partners on the first day, we went to Alsace where we enjoyed the evening with our French friends and ended the day cozily with a delicious wine and Alsatian Tart. The following day we flew to our main destination three small stages: Gap! With small breaks for refueling, and a delicious lunch, we got the relaxation we needed.

The highlight of the tour was surely the approach to Gap. We had opted for Gap because the actual Alps flight for 2013 was cancelled due to the weather. So in the end, we were able to take in a little Alpine feeling. We then spent the evening in Gap with a cozy dinner. The next day we went back – our destination was the Freiburg Airfield. We then said goodbye to our French friends.

Breezer Alps Meeting

May 2012

Our first Alps Meeting was held in May 2012. In the future, we’d like to do it every year. The starting point was Mühldorf, a place east of Munich where even inexperienced pilots can land. From there, we flew to the Alps with excellent weather with a stopover in St. Johann and Zell am See. It was an unforgettable experience.

We are planning an Alpine Tour again in the future. We will be in small groups of max. 5 aircraft per lead plane, so that even the less experienced and those who have never flown in the Alps or in open formation can easily keep up.

Breezer Midsummer Tour to Norway

August 2012

In addition to the Alps Tour in recent years, the tour to Norway during the Midsummer Solstice was an absolute highlight. Flying at midnight is, without a doubt, a unique experience for any pilot.

But the trip there too – in stages over 2000 km with amazing impressions – was already enough to inspire all the pilots. The unique landscape of Norway displayed itself in full glory. The tour was led by Heinz Korella, who has chalked up many years of flying experience in Scandinavia.