Breezer Sport

Aluminium at it’s best.

The Breezer Sport. The design complementing the proven B400/B600 series focussing on speed. The B400/B600 design philosophy had its roots in the ease of building for the homebuilder market back in the early days. Today, we can do things differently and that’s why the Breezer Sport has a totally different approach, still maintaining the famous Breezer Design Harmony. The current integration of 3D CAD/CAM systems enables us to create form factors meeting the expectations of strength and performance. Therefore, the Breezer Sport is not only an enhancement of the B400/B600. It is a completely new aircraft with totally different technology approaches.

Aluminium is our core competence so it had been a fascinating task to design a round fuselage. Thanks to advanced 3D CAD/CAM, the design with finished on a monitor rather than finding spots in the physical prototype section. As a special task, the design has to fit the current regulations for ultralights in Germany and has to be ready for new rules once they are visible by the authorities. Counter-sunk rivets support the clean design in smooth surfaces.

A special focus is the retractable landing gear. „Metal made in Germany“  and it should not be “just any” solution to do the job, it should be lightweight, safe and efficient - „Mission accomplished“. The tapered wings are new in all aspects from profile to main spar. This is now a centre spar in a centre section up to the landing gear. The wings as such are shorter and are attached to the main section left and right. To support low speed behaviour, new developed flaps provide enough lift.

The Breezer Sport is prepared to carry the Rotax-engines 912 ULS and 915 iS. The cowling is adopted to generate less drag and allow large openings for coolants or intercooler. The visual dominance in the future is the large side intake.

MojoGrip has introduced the Breezer Sport in a very brilliant Video.


The Breezer Sport – Specifications at a glance:

141 HP
Cruising speed (75%)270 km/h
Maximum speed VNE*292 km/h
Wingspan7,76 m
Cabin width1,16 m
Length    6,92 m
Height    2,24 m
Max. Flying weight*600 kg
Fuel tank capacity120 l
Maximum range1400 km

* depending on the equipment and conformity with local regulations