More passion. More safety.

The Breezer.

Breezer Aircraft received the EASA Type Certificate for the B600. For Breezer Aircraft, the process of certification has been a milestone for the future development of the company as a reliable partner for the general aviation community.

Our latest plane: Breezer Sport. Retractable Gear, Rotax 915iS - 140HP - Please contact us for individual offers. Watch the MojoGrip movie to get more details.

Breezer Aircraft is the pure passion of flying. Hardly any other aircraft on the market combines essential flight characteristics so skillfully like a Breezer. This is also why the Breezer is considered the perfect all-rounder. It accompanies its pilots at every stage – whether they’re still in training, or later during long trips – without overwhelming the pilot. A Breezer will never become boring. The fact that the designer is an avid air sportsman and club pilot himself is immediately noticeable.

In our airplane factory near the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea, the Breezer is created with careful precision work. The highest quality and best service are our top priority and are what make a Breezer so unique, prized and durable. For the mutual dream of flying. Passion – Manufactured in Germany.

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