B400-6 UL

Breezer B400-6 UL – Sportiness meet safety. For more joy of flying.

Flying a Breezer is something very special. The B400-6 emanates dynamism and the joy of flying and at the same time offers maximum safety with high-quality workmanship – naturally, made in Germany. The fact that the Breezer is one of the best-selling low-wingers in Germany is not surprising.

From a club and training aircraft to a sporty touring plane, the Breezer inspires its pilots every day. Its forgiving flight characteristics instill confidence in inexperienced pilots. And the experienced pilot takes advantage of the reliability and safety of the Breezers for sporting trips and quick flights. The Breezer B400-6 UL is truly an expression of your freedom.

The Breezer B400-6 – Specifications at a glance:

100 HP
Cruising speed (75%)200 km/h
Maximum speed VNE245 km/h
Stall speed64 km/h
Climb rate5,2 m/s
Wingspan8,03 m
Cabin width1,16 m
Length    6,74 m
Height    2,12 m
Wingspan10,92 m²
Empty weight* from275,0 kg
Max. Flying weight*600 kg
Fuel tank capacity76 l
Average fuel consumption 14-18 l/h  
Groundroll (take off)95 m
Groundroll (landing)140 m

* depending on the equipment and conformity with local regulations