Breezer Aircraft Factory Airfield Bredstedt

Not far from the Schleswig-Holstein North Sea Coast – just a few meters from the Breezer Plant is the factory airfield. With a 420 meter /1378 ft long and 30 meter/98 ft wide grass runway including partial terra grid surface, the airfield has ideal conditions. The orientation of the runway is 01/19 – i.e. nearly north-south.

The airfield is approved for all (three axis controlled) ultralight aircraft and LSAs.

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Tips for takeoffs and landings:

The airfield is PPR. Please call us at +49 4671 7979120 beforehand. Rolling to the Breezer works site is over a short distance on public roads. Please wait for properly equipped accompaniment.

The runway’s surface is excellent. The airfield’s profile drops somewhat towards the north. When taking off on the 01, the end of the runway is somewhat difficult to see. With 420m/1378 ft, the runway is a good size for ULs.

In Northern Germany, it’s often windy across all seasons and there is often a crosswind. From the east, the crosswind is more constant. From western directions, it can be blocked by the building but can get gusty on the runway. If, due to strong winds, a landing is not possible, the airfields Husum, Kropp or Wyk are good alternatives.