B400-6 UL Towing Version

When power and safety unite.

The Breezer B400-6 UL in the Towing Version combines sporty flying with strength and stability. With the Towing Version of the Breezer, you have the ideal club and flight training aircraft. Its robust construction allows the Breezer B400-6 UL to pull gliders up to a weight up of 650 kg.

Depending on the weight of the glider, its ground roll on a grass runway is from 250 to 400 m (mean sea level). The climb performance is from 1.5 to 2.5 m/s guaranteed economic aerotow. It’s also great for use in aerotow training (mutual touch-and-go’s), which the B400-6 easily masters.

The B400-6 UL Towing Version really shows off its unique strengths at events. With up to 150 m² banners (up to approx. 20 kg) in tow, the Breezer is practically a flying workhorse. Its sportiness and reliability especially pay off with this task.

The Breezer B400-6 Towing Version – Specifications at a glance:   

100 HP
Cruising speed (75%)200 km/h
Maximum speed VNE245 km/h
Stall speed    64 km/h
Climb rate up to 3,5 m/s
Wingspan    8,03 m
Cabin width1,16 m
Length   6,74 m
Height2,12 m
Wing area10,92 m²
Empty weight* incl. BRS Recovery from    305,0 kg
Max. take off weight*600 kg
Fuel tank capacity76 l
Average fuel consumption /h14-17 l/h  
Groundroll (take off)    200 - 400 m
Ground roll (landing)    140 m
Aerotow load     650 kg
Banner tow load  20 kg oder 150m²

* depending on the equipment and conformity with local regulations