EASA rtc for B600

Type Certificate

Our effort gets rewarded: since Friday, 22nd January 2016 we have received our Type Certificate from EASA for Breezer B600. 

The certification had been an intense verification process of strength assumptions, aerodynamic performance, usability and structured documentation. At the end, the type certificate is compromising 3,000 documents and it took roughly 15,000 sheets of paper to finally achieve the final documentation. 150 flight test hours were performed and it took roughly 1,000 hours to work on the data achieved during flights, incorporating them into strength assumptions and into the pilots operating manual.

For Breezer Aircraft, the process of certification has been a milestone for the future development of the company as a reliable partner for the general aviation community. Especially the EASA rules for quality management lead to an increased level of quality awareness in an already highly reliable manufacturing team

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