B600 LSA Elegance

High Performance aircraft for the highest expectations.

Breezer Aircraft received the EASA Type Certificate for the B600. For Breezer Aircraft, the process of certification has been a milestone for the future development of the company as a reliable partner for the general aviation community. Especially the EASA rules for quality management lead to an increased level of quality awareness in an already highly reliable manufacturing team.

The B600 LSA Elegance combines the art of flight engineering with state-of-the-art avionics. With the "Elegance" line, the B600 demonstrates premium quality in the LSA category. Whether it’s the autopilot, the highest quality Garmin instruments or the Dynon glass cockpit – the exclusive full equipment surpasses the highest standards anywhere. The in-flight adjustable propeller with constant speed controller completes the equipment list in view of optimised engine management. The fact that each aircraft is handcrafted guarantees maximum quality and safety in your Breezer.

The B600 LSA in the Elegance line of features ensures a comfortable flight even for long distances. And not just because of its low fuel consumption of only about 17 l/h /4.5 gallons/h. Of course, the pilot benefits from all the exclusive features at the same time.

The Breezer B600 LSA Elegance – Specifications at a glance:  

100 HP
Cruising speed (75%) 195 km/h / 121 mph
Maximum speed VNE252 km/h / 156.5 mph
Stall speed    80 km/h / 50 mph  
Climb rate4,35 m/s / 856 ft/min    
Wingspan            8,74 m / 28 ft 7 in
Cabin width1,16 m / 3 ft 1 in
Length6,73 m / 22 ft 1 in
Height  2,14 m / 7 ft
Empty weight370 kg / 815.7 lbs  
Max. Flying weight600 kg / 1322.8 lbs  
Fuel tank capacity76 l / 20.08 gallons   
Average fuel consumption 15-18 l/h / 3.9-4.7 gallons/h  
Ground roll (take off)    129 m / 423 ft
Ground roll (landing)    169 m / 554 ft