An option to conventional painting


It started as an experiment. The local artist Gesche Nordmann had a design vision. The local wrapping company had the printing resources for light weight laminated folio. We all met and decided to do something. As Breezer Aircraft, we were eager to learn about the chances of using pre-printed folios in the production process. What are the weight aspects and how can it be integrated into the production work flow. While finding the answers, we decided that this experiment could as well come along with some culture. That’s where Gesche Nordmann found her task in a very colourfull and specific design. „Variations of winding stripes on white painted metal” is history. Any kind of printed picture or artwork is he future.

Folio can be removed. Removing conventional colour and paints can be a costly adventure, technically stressing the base material. With the D-MZBA we applied a complex folio cover on an existing aircraft, using a demanding design composition. The results are interesting. Fort he season 2015 we are using the Art-Bird to acccumulate knowledge and experience in flight. We will be offering unique designs by Gesche Nordmann as well as uni-colour solutions for new aircraft and for refurbishing. Something important to talk about: weight! A wrapped aircraft is about 1.5 kg less in weight than a single colour conventional painted aircraft.