B400 Club

Breezer Quality for everyone.

Starting in spring (2015) Breezer Aircraft is enlarging the portfolio, coming up with the B400 Club. All basic advantages will be part of this new product. But not to substitute the common B400 there will be changes - of course. The boggest optical change is the cut out of the shaping tips at wings and elevator. Various other smaller changes will as well change the face and the weight of the known B400. So at the end the guarantied weight comes up with 290 kg  and the Club will have a very fair price. This will be certainly an ideal aircraft especially for flight clubsm due to the suitability for daily use and the very typical flight quality of Breezer!

The Breezer B400 – Specifications at a glance:

80 HP100 HP
Cruising speed (75%)180 km/h190 km/h
Maximum speed VNE245 km/h245 km/h
Stall speed64 km/h    64 km/h
Climb rate4,3 m/s    5,2 m/s
Wingspan8,03 m8,03 m
Cabin width1,16 m1,16 m
Length    6,74 m6,74 m
Height    2,12 m2,12 m
Wingspan10,92 m²    10,92 m²
Empty weight* from275,0 kg275,0 kg
Max. Flying weight472,5 kg472,5 kg
Fuel tank capacity76 Liter    76 Liter
Average fuel consumption / h12-15 L/h   14-17 L/h  
Groundroll (take off)135 m95 m
Groundroll (landing)140 m140 m

* depending on the equipment and conformity with local regulations