Our in-house Flight Training Center

Our own, in-house Flight Training Center offers individual flight training in modern Breezer planes. Qualified instructors provide fast and efficient training and the success of the student pilot is always top priority.

The flight training, with the duration of 1-1.5 years in the UL class enables the learner to fly three-axis controlled ultralight aircraft. The training usually takes place at the airfield in Husum. Of course, we offer our flight training at practically any airfield near you. Contact us at any time for more details.

Details on UL Training
We’ll be glad to advise you on your Individual Training

Overview of our training and retraining courses:

  • Training for UL pilots
  • Retraining and Familiarization
  • Breezer Safty Training
  • Crosswind Workshop
  • Season Preparation

Overview of our Showcasing and Demo Offers:

  • Demo and Test Flights
  • Familiarization in Aircraft Handovers

An overview of our Theoretical Offers:

  • Theory and BZF / Pyrotechnics lessons