Flight Trainings

For more safety and confidence: Our Breezer Training Programs

As a pilot, it is especially important to respond both quickly and decisively in borderline situations. To this end, it is vital that he master the aircraft practically with his eyes closed. Our Flight Training Center offers a variety of group and individual training programs. The training increases the aeronautical awareness and feel for the plane.

Breezer Safety Training in detail:

The aim of the Breezer Safety Training is to strengthen the bond between pilot and plane to ensure more safety and confidence in everyday flying.

Practical training in modern Breezers:

  • Standard Instruction Procedures in the Breezer (Basic Training)
  • Further training in Airwork
  • Aerodrome Circling Operations 
  • Takeoff and Landing
  • Emergency Procedures

Theoretical Training:

  • Instruction in the Operations Manual and Checklist
  • Preparation of Individual Flights
  • Mental Training (Conscious Flying)
  • Human Performance

Breezer Crosswind Training:

In collaboration with Xwind – Europe's only crosswind simulator – our Flight Training Center at the airfield “Hungriger Wolf“ (Hungry Wolf) in Itzehoe offers a very special seminar. Participants learn how to reliably control their plane in special crosswind conditions and in borderline situations.

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Short landings and Helgoland briefing – our special island training for Northern Germany

The Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea is the home of the Breezer. The beautiful natural surroundings are very impressive, especially from the air. In order to safely land on the islands, our Flight Training Center offers training courses especially for the island Helgoland. Safe landing on short runways and flying in strong winds and more are included in the program.

Individual Training and Season Preparation

Continuing professional development is essential, especially for flight instructors and pilot’s license holders. Our Flight Training Center offers individual training for pilots of all skill levels. Our flight instructors are always available to answer questions.

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