B600 LSA Attraction

Comfort and sportiness for individualists.

The Breezer B600 LSA Attraction model offers both sportiness and comfort – of course with the highest quality standards in both the selection of materials as well as in design. In its development, it was possible to put the outstanding all-round skills of the B400 UL into the LSA Class with the B600.

Equipped with a ballistic resccue system, a stall warning, Flarm/ADS-B TCAS and a solid state attitude indicator, this aircraft is especially designed for clubs and training organisations offering maximum operational safety for a very low price.

Also, its economical fuel consumption of approx. 17 l/h / 4.49 US gallons/h makes the Breezer B600 LSA a perfect plane. See for yourself!

The Breezer B600 LSA Attraction  – Specifications at a glance:

100 HP
Cruising speed (75%)190 km/h / 118 mph
Maximum speed VNE252 km/h / 156.5 mph
Stall speed        80 km/h / 50 mph    
Climb rate3,75 m/s / 738 ft/min   
Wingspan8,74 m / 28 ft 7 in
Cabin width1,16 m / 3 ft 1 in
Length6,73 m / 22 ft 1 in
Height2,14 m / 7 ft
Empty weight, from345 kg / 761 lbs
Max. flying weight600 kg / 1322.8 lbs
Fuel tank capacity76 l / 20.08 gallons
Average fuel consumption 15-18 l/h / 3.9-4.7/h gallons 
Ground roll (take off)    158 m / 518 ft
Ground roll (landing)    169 m / 554 ft